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Newcomen Engine

Beam Engine Type A

Steam Plant


Newcomen Beam Engine Kit (Automatic Type)

This animation shows the Newcomen Engine operating with the Motorisation Unit installed.

To operate with Live Steam, the Motorisation Unit needs to be disconnected.

Live Steam Operation

1. At the top of the Piston Stroke the Engine waits for the air to be ejected from the Cylinder.
2. When this happens, the Buoy Piston rises and turns on the Water Valve. This enables water to flow into the Injection Nozzle and spray the steam under the Piston with water. The steam from the Boiler is also turned off via the Steam Valve.
3. The cooling of the steam by the water from the nozzle causes a vacuum and the Piston is sucked down (the Power stroke)
4. When the Piston is sucked down, the Water Pump Piston is raised - pumping water into the Reservoir Tank.
5. At the bottom of the Piston stroke, the Water Valve is turned off and the Steam Valve is turned on.
6. The weight of the Pump Rod and the pressure of the steam raises the piston back up to the top of its stroke.

Newcomen Kit Price: £179.00

Motorisation Kit: 27.00

Pre - Soldered Boiler Option: £22.00

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